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Knowledge is Power. This 2 day 15 hour course offers all the information you need to take control over your diabetes.

An intensive, ADA recognized education program for patients and their families on all aspects of diabetes management. You will learn to become fully involved with your diabetes management and obtain an in-depth knowledge about proper diabetes care and how it is achieved. You will learn fact from fiction and learn the right questions to ask your doctor along with the latest information and theories on the therapeutic approach to diabetes. Due to the evolving nature of diabetes care, the courses are appropriate for people with long-standing diabetes as well as for those with recent onset. A family member is encouraged to attend the course at no additional cost.

Topic areas to be covered include:

   Diabetes Overview                  Monitoring

   Medications                           Psychosocial Adjustment

   Nutritional Management           Complications

   Exercise and Activity               Lifestyle Changes

   Herbs and Vitamins                 Alternative Medicines


General Health Courses Area
Private Consultation for Nutrition, Exercise and Diabetes

Contact Lisa at 781-647-7220 or lpacitto@wathamdiabetes.com